Saturday, July 16, 2011

I had no idea...

... that my innocent desire to paint our bedroom would end up being a month long task (okay it's only been two weeks - but we're not done yet!) I would have liked to show you some photos, but it's still not ready, my side of the room anyway. After painting we decided to reconfigure the room and bought some new dressers  and bookshelves - and with that came the task of dealing with years of items (ok, clutter) that must be either placed in a good spot, or discarded. For me, it's exhausting as some items were made by my late father, a skilled carpenter and woodworker and have memories attached to them.

As well, as I'm going through this task myself I'm thinking about my mother who's downsizing to 1/2 of what she has as she prepares to move to a house a few doors away from my brother. The house is better suited for her financially and locationally since she'll be so close to family. It's very hard for her to think of her mortality and all the memories linked to items as she has to decide to discard of them as well and to do this task on her own. I have the support of my husband who either talks me into getting rid of something, or talks me into keeping something or talks me into taking a break when it gets to me. I try to be there for my mom, but she's a strong willed lady and seems to be very focused on her new task - I am proud of her bravely accepting this task. In some ways I think it bothers me more than it bothers her!

It makes it a little easier to be indoors working on these chores when the weather has been so bad - and EVERYONE is talking about the weather these days - sometimes it's even the top story on the 6 o'clock news!

Well, computer break is over, I'd better get back to the task!

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