Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dog Parks are Interesting

This morning Eco and I walked up to the dog park where we met a Portugese Water Dog called Monkey. Poor Monkey had apparently spent a couple of years in the show ring before he was discarded because he wasn't doing well enough and wasn't smart enough, I was told.

Well, wasn't that the truth? This poor guy didn't know how to do anything! Not even sit. And when I tossed him a treat, it hit him in the eye. I encouraged the owner that having a less smart dog might be a good thing - he might be more tolerant of the  young children in the home and probably won't get into too much trouble, but sheesh, poor dog! And Eco didn't really know how to play with him, she's used to being the chaser but this dog didn't do anything. Luckily a guy came along with a border collier /lab cross so Eco had someone to play with for a while.

Dog parks are really interesting places to be.

Next we're off to a family BBQ for our 10 year old niece - which is also a really interesting place to be.  Hope you're having a happy Saturday.


SparkleFarkle said...

Monkey sounds like my kind of guy: the one you'd least suspect! He's probably waiting for just the right moment? Who knows what he has in store! LOL! (<--Saddled with a name like Monkey could mean only one thing: the sky's the limit! Tee-hee!)

My Little Corner said...

Ha! that's a very good point! I'll keep a better eye on him next time!

Teena in Toronto said...

We would take our dog to the dog park but she wasn't interested in playing with the other dogs.

My Little Corner said...

HI Tina - silly dog... Some dogs are like that! I had one dog who was more interesting in greeting people at the gate and saying goodbye, she would just keep playin hostess but never get in the middle of things!