Friday, November 11, 2011

My New Friend

For years we have been making coffee with a lovely glass thermal French Press until an infortunate accidental bump (that's all I'm going to say) in a shared sink caused it to break. I taped up the broken corner and we continued to use it while we waited for an unbreakable stainless steel French Press to arrive. However, in the mean time Jp bought a  drip coffee maker. With a timer.

Now the joke around here is that I usually don't like new things*, but I take 3 days to get used to it. So he patiently waited for the romance to blossom. And blossom it did. Who wouldn't like to wake up to the smell of coffee brewing, and by the time you make it down the hallway it's already made?

Now I realize it's no $1000 machine, and it's not an espresso or cappuccino maker, but it makes dang good coffee - nice and hot. And it's waiting for me when I get out of bed.  I like that.

My little friend is easy to clean, easy to use and is there waiting for me in the morning to present me with a yummy cuppa nice black coffee. Mmm. This is most appreciated as we are already a month into the rainy season. Now if I could get a friend to empty the dishwasher I'd be over the moon!

*By the way, if you think I am bad - this is an improvement from my father who took 2 weeks to decide he liked the new item.


Teena in Toronto said...

I don't drink coffee. I bought Gord a coffee maker about ten years ago. It's not cool but he still uses it.

My Little Corner said...

Hi Tina - I didn't drink coffee for a year and a half - hated the smell and the taste. Then suddenly one day, I could drink it again. Strangest thing!