Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Update

This has been quite a snowy week for us - we're just not used to that around Vancouver. This is one of the few times in a year you'll hear me say that I'll be happy when it starts raining!

Although I seem to have adjusted better to the cold this year - usually I wear gloves at anything less than 6 degrees and this year but this year I'm out playing ball with the dog and it's -6C and it's not so bad. I seem to have a better tolerance this year, which is a good thing because I hate being COLD!

My brother, who lives in our wintry Prairies, taught me to plow a walk path for the dog in the snow. My other dogs would only walk on the path -but being a young, vivacious Labrador uses it sometimes but mostly runs around wherever she likes. That's okay, she's happily having fun retrieving her football from the snow banks with little snow moustaches or snow beards -it's so cute. 


My neighbour's dog died the other night, apparently it went outside for a bathroom break, came back in the house and sat with her for a bit then hopped out of the chair onto the floor and died. That's freaky! It doesn't sound like it was poisoned or anything like that - they think it was an old age thing, she was an 11 year old Boston Terrier which was a little bit on the fat side (that's how they described her). Still it's disturbing pretty to have your dog die suddenly like that don't you think? I was unsettled by it because I certainly don't want anything to happen to Eco. 

I'm still testing out the new bread machine, so I made some pretzels. A house favorite. Although the recipe says to let them sit overnight for crispier ones, we found that the day old pretzels weren't very good at all. Good thing we can eat them all within hours of coming out of the machine - especially with some honey + mustard!

I realize I should have been a bit neater and more thorough with my egg wash - they'll look prettier next time.


This Christmas I was reminded that I should start my amaryllis bulbs in mid-November because I started mine at the beginning of December and it's just bloomed now. It did reward my patience by giving me 4 blooms (with a couple more to follow) That's one hard working bulb!


Carol Browne said...

Pretzels with the bread maker? I've never tried that. I'm sure they're delicious. I should try it. I've not hauled out my bread maker in probably over a year.

My Little Corner said...

Carol - you should try it - it's wonderful!!!