Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cupid's Secret

Since not everyone likes Valentine's Day, I'm going to share a different kind of Valentine themed story:
This is the story of a little horse named Arrow.
Arrow was born around Valentine's Day, and from the very beginning, he received lots of attention. He was little and cute and had a special mark. Centered across his rump was a big white patch of fur shaped like an arrow pointing to his head. It really stuck out on his little brown body. Arrow's mother was pretty special too. She had a perfect heart-shaped head on her forehead, and her name was Cupid.
Cupid's Secret is the story of Cupid, Arrow's mother who had had a hard life and things did not come easily for her. She had met many people who were not very nice while she was growing up. Then one day a kind farmer bought her at an auction and changed her life forever. In a transformation of this horse's self-worth, she gives birth to a colt that carries another unique mark that paves the way for his future. Cupid's Secret is a delightful story of love, trust and prayer. Buck Kalinowski has given us a children's book that not only amuses, it tells a story of love and compassion, and teaches a lesson of hope and enlightenment.
Once Arrow was born, Cupid had her job cut out for her with her little son. Everyone wanted to see the new colt; after all, how many horses in the world have an arrow on their rump? There are brown horses and black horses, golden horses and spotted horses; some have stars on their faces while others have stripes of white, but only one horse has an arrow. Cupid and Arrow along with Farmer Buck traveled to many horse shows and events, they were all becoming quite famous.
Arrow liked meeting people. He enjoyed being petted and liked running around when the farm workers would let him out for exercise. Arrow was always getting into something, and that is why this book is called The Adventures of Arrow.

Now, what do you think of that? The quote/story comes from here. This is for a children's book, but I'm pretty sure I originally heard the story on the news, or one of those amazing animal shows. Here's a link to some photos. What's your favourite Valentine's Story?


Teena in Toronto said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Thanks Teena - you too!