Friday, May 25, 2012

straw - berry!

Have you ever looked at a recipe and thought it sounded really good but didn't seem to come together when you made it?

Well that's what happened to me when I made these roasted strawberry with browned butter pancakes:

Yup, they sounded good and looked good, but they weren't that remarkable. I think one of the biggest problems with fruit these days it how it comes to market and since it's being grown all over the world at all times of the year, sweetness and/or flavour is inconsistent if it's there at all. These strawberries were actually tart. They didn't taste like raw or I would've added sugar. In fact the recipe had me roast them in olive oil and salt but that didn't seem to help them at all.

The recipe also had me brown the butter first to be used instead of oil or plain old melted butter in the pancake batter. But we felt I that the browned butter couldn't be noticed and so my efforts were wasted. It probably would have been better to brown the butter to be poured on top of the finished pancakes just before serving.

I would consider remaking this with many variations - such as sweet strawberries and the change of use for the brown butter. Have you ever had a recipe go like this? Have you made something similar ? How did you make it better? 


Laoch of Chicago said...

That looks good oddly. I think you are right though, in some ways they can be only as good as the essential ingredients. So if the strawberries are not tasty it is hopeless.

My Little Corner said...

Thanks LofC - agreed!