Friday, June 15, 2012

Bear-y season

June is usually the beginning of the berry season starting with Strawberries and then on to others such as blueberries and raspberries but in our neighbour it's also time for a black bear! So we have Bear-y season!

I think part of the reason is because we've had such poor weather which means many plants are behind schedule leaving the bear with less food than usual, and so he's discovered that almost everyone has a black plastic garbage can that's really easy to open and holds some yummy things. Yesterday he had a neighbour's garbage pulled out to the street and there was a nice big takeout container of spaghetti. He must of loved that - or come to think of it, maybe not since they were lots of it left for me to identify! On my morning dog walk it was pretty evident that he went in and out of just about everyone's driveway/garage/carport looking for food - and may have gotten enough to eat because I know of two mounds of scat in our area - and don't tell me there's probably more than one! Did he bring his friends? Or her babies?

I tell you - it's scary to look out my single paned window and see this thing the size of a Volkswagen only about 10' from the house! If he wanted in, he could easily do it! Eep!

And yesterday I saw some black fur on some barbed wire on the back corner of my property so he may have been in my backyard too! Not going to let the dog out at night anymore!

The sad part is that we humans can't learn what not to do and he's probably going to lose his life if we can't learn or stop being lazy about our garbage. It's all a very sad situation isn't it?

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Laoch of Chicago said...

Yes, I would be careful with my dog if there were bears about!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks ! And now I'm worried about the street cats, I haven't seen any around today - but some of my neighbours have told me they were keeping their cats inside at night so maybe they're okay after all!