Monday, June 25, 2012

Danced the Night Away

Well the dance show went well yesterday. I made it up to the performing area without too much panic or fear and started the performance. About 30 seconds in my mind went blank but I managed to recover and carried on until the end of the dance. I thought we were rushing it but we ended the song on time so maybe we were fine. I am anxious to see the video so I can better understand how I did.

And, as many predicted, I would consider doing it all over again. I'm not saying I'm going to rush out and sign up for ever event to perform but I am certainly more open to it, and less scared of it.

I am touched by those friends and family who expressed their pride in me and thank everyone who supported me. The ladies I danced with were all inspiring in their own way, most of them have no idea what they did to inspire, which I suppose makes it even more special (and yes I've made sure that they've been send special messages so they know first hand). There are various summer sessions around the city but most people are scattered about for the next two months, some missing altogether due to summer vacation plans or other commitments. I look forward to the fall when we regroup and begin our new lessons and work on the next choreography. 

I can't remember a time when I felt so supported by others and felt so much part of a group. It's a really nice feeling when things just seem to fall into place, isn't it?

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Whatever that may be.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Well done.

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Laoch! Much appreciated!