Wednesday, July 25, 2012

London Olympics- I just want to say this

[Oh oh, here I go again. Okay, just so you know I have no interest in turning this into a political blog, nor do I have any desire to run for politics, but I just feel that I need to say this too, and then I promise I'll go back to my light and fluffy content.]

The 2010 Olympics were here in Vancouver and there were many stories that came to light related to the advertising and rules related to the Olympics. For example, a restaurant who, for many years, had used the name "Olympic" in front of some neon rings for signage was ordered they must change their name and log as they were not allowed to use the word or the coloured rings without the proper approval. And they were told they had to make this change immediately or face large fines. (a bit heavy handed don't you think?)

Who are these committee people that travel around the world every two years dictating and controlling advertising and business? That get wined and dined on tax-payers money while they 'think' about where the next best location may be. 

Did you know that two weeks prior to the Olympics there is a ban to prevent advertising containing athletes that are promoting products not officially approved by the Olympics? And now there is talk that you might not be allowed into an event if you're wearing branded clothing that is not an official sponsor?  You've paid hundreds of dollars to get into the event and then you're banned because you have a Pepsi t-shirt and Coca-Cola is the official sponsor? I understand the concept and see where they are coming from but I really think they are controlling waaayy too much, and worse yet - we're letting them!!!! 

Tickets for the Vancouver Winter Games were absolutely out of this world, and people raced the clock to buy up all that they could. Why? I don't understand. I guess I need to be a sports fan to understand that everything else much come in front of someone skiing down a hill. No, they didn't find the cure for cancer or vaccinate children from Polio - that doesn't make big business money, does it? 

Who do these people think they are? And why are we giving them so much power? It really concerns me that they can control so much, and that we just let them. Cities pay thousand of dollars just to bid, and big business thinks that when the Olympics come to their town it will yield millions in revenue for tourism and related trades. But they never seem to remember what it costs a city.Vancouver displaced hundred of low-income people because they were living in an area that someone  decided was going to be an Olympic Village.  In the Province of British Columbia, the Olympics was funded largely by making huge cuts to Education and Medicine. Sadly the people most affected by these cuts do not have big enough voices to stop the machine. 

Has the Olympics been to your city and how did it affect the average person? Do you think they're going to ban me from using the "O" word so many times without proper approval?

Edit - Friday night  was the opening ceremonies, but the 11:00 news show  I normally watch, couldn't show anything because it was illegal. That's even how the newscasters said it. 

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Laoch of Chicago said...

The corporations rule everything now, it seems.