Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some completed projects

Here are some finished pieces which I thought you might like - I took a little break from embroidery and knitting and crocheting and painted these little birdhouses:

I admit I'm no expert painter but I think  I did a pretty good job and I'm happy with the results. They were just the plain wooden ones from Michaels and some Patio Paint so they are waterproof. I'd like to coat them in some outdoor Mod Podge but I will have to buy that first. 

Also, I was just using what I had and my Patio Paint was drying up and the paint brushes were from the dollar store and very crappy - my exercise was to use what I already had in the house.


Laoch of Chicago said...

My guess is that you would make good Christmas ornaments if you wanted.

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Laoch! !!! Is that a hint? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh my those are soooo cute. So pretty. Wow. what is going on with the red one? yellow trim and dots? I can't make it out in the photograph. Looks very detailed. Very pretty.

Congratulations on finishing projects. And on using what you had to do it.

Know what I find frustrating? To look at two beautiful birdhouses in a lush garden and read the artist's description. "I made these crappy little things out of junk and crappy tools." (sheesh) Most folks couldn't make something 1% as good with the best materials.
And the thing of it is I know you weren't saying all that to brag but rather describe what you were using. Super Crafter!