Sunday, July 29, 2012

unrelated but sharing a post anyway

Well I managed to get one little project done, this is a knit headband in a starfish pattern, it has an elastic sewn in the back to help it fit better:

I'm working on an embroidery but the transfer pen has made it look really messy and I just can't bring myself to showing it until I can wash off all the marks and show it to you, so instead I'll show you a street note:

Frequently when I'm walking Eco I find notes on the ground and I love to read what they say, they can be rather interesting. I'll have to find the other ones and share them with you. Usually I put them by the door that we come in and set them out to dry because usually they are soaked from the rain or morning dew. I thought this one was an interesting assortment.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Th dog needs to go to the Spanish Villa!

My Little Corner said...

where he can do some ironing?

Anonymous said...

What a great premise for a blog / book. There is a book of things a guy's dad said, bad cake designs, and so on.

You could have a book of "found notes."

You could imagine the writer.
In this case, I like the list. I especially like the spirit of the last item in the context of the other three.



My Little Corner said...

Hi Deb - there is actually a series of books called "Found". But who knows maybe a Canadian version could be next!

My Little Corner said...
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My Little Corner said...
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