Sunday, August 26, 2012

Capital B - Busted!

Within the past week there were two local incidents which I am kinda happy to hear about. The first was about an accident on the highway - that's not such a good thing, but what was good was that while the police were doing their job and cleaning things up they discovered that the U-Haul trailer being towed by the pickup truck involved in the accident had been stolen and in the trailer and the truck were all sorts of stolen items. The drive and the passenger were charged upon release from the hospital. 
Yay, Police. 

The second incident started when neighbours called the police because they had heard small explosions on a rural property. When the bomb-squad and police arrived they did a sweep of the property and found  4 people on the property had been throwing flood lights into a bon fire and the lights had exploded - but while carrying out their investigation/search of the property they also found 100 mature pot plants. Ha ha, suckers - y'all got arrested. 

Bad Guys - 0, Cops -2 

I love when the dumb criminals get caught like that - don't you ?


Laoch of Chicago said...

I fear that the smart criminals are seldom caught.

My Little Corner said...

I'll drink to that!