Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I have grass!!!

Ever since I got our  Labrador (3 1/2 years ago-my how time flies!)  I have less and less grass in my back yard, and since it rains so much here the yard gets more and more torn up every winter as the dog slides around chasing her ball (oh I know - I do throw the ball in other areas, but still she manages to bump it or fumble it and slide on the same areas of wet ground). A lawn is cleaner throughout the winter - you only have to wipe wet dog paws instead of wet AND muddy/dirty paws - and so I have been working hard trying to regrow some lawn before winter.

Now look, I have baby, baby grass blades!

I'm very excited! I sure hope
these little guys get strong enough before
winter and can survive until next spring. 


For a crafty/knitty update, here is 1 finished wrist warmer that I've made for me:

I know it looks kinda limp and not-so-attractive laying flat on concrete but I think it looks pretty good when it's on. I'll have to show you a photo when I've finished the second one. All this yarn comes from the same skein and 1 skein will do the pair. It's been quite fun knitting along wondering what colour and texture of yarn will come up next.  If you like these, here's the pattern!


Teena in Toronto said...

I'm jealous that you have a puppy!

The pattern on the warmer is funky :)

My Little Corner said...

Aww thanks Tina, and yes it's a pretty funky pattern - you should try it - you can knit in the round - give it a go!