Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pumpkin Pumpkin

Do you see double?

(yes, the one on the right is not quite finished) 

Just two days before I am to take several hats to a photographer so she can pick out her fall and holiday props, someone bought the pumpkin hat through my Etsy shop. Eeep! Yes I could have put the item on hold in my shop but I thought "Gee what are the odds?" and "I'll worry about it when the time comes"

Well the time came and there I was whipping up another one so I can send one to my new customer and have the one that I promised for the photographer. As they say, it never rains - it pours! LOL!


Little Treasures said...

Well I hope it pours a lot for you!
It's beautiful and just right as a fall prop. Wish you a lot of success with this lovely!

My Little Corner said...

Thank you, very kind of you to say
Sending blog love to you