Monday, September 17, 2012

This old house

Busy weekend, trying to take advantage of the fact that we still have sun and dry weather so late in the year - I painted a fence on the weekend. It felt really good to get it all done, even managed to apply two coats to some areas. Except when I went to pack everything up, I closed the gate and realized I forgot to paint the back of it! Doh!

We'll do a little roof repair on a shed today, and some new gutters are being installed on Wednesday. This will be really nice because the idiot who installed the current gutters didn't know what he was doing and they leaked at every seam - plus there was a dripping seam right in front of the front door so when the mailman or the kids came for Halloween they'd get dripped on. Last year, one little girl gave the drip a very dirty look.

I've greatly neglected things inside the house figuring that it will rain soon enough and I'll have plenty of time to work on all that  paperwork - but so far we haven't had rain for several weeks -so I'm starting to get really behind. For example yesterday I was on a long drive and was thinking about all sorts of things when it hit me that I needed to activate my new Driver's Licence. I remembered receiving it in the mail and putting it in my wallet - completely forgetting I had to activate it. I was in a bit of a panic because I thought I only had two weeks, but when I came home I was happy to discover they gave 1 month to do it, and I hadn't surpassed the deadline. Whew! That was close. That could have cost me if I had let that deadline slip - I would've had to apply all over again. (In case you're wondering what kind of Driver's Licence this is, it's called in Integrated Driver's Licence and allows you to cross into the US via land or water without the need for a passport and since we're only 1/2 hour away from the border, it can be a very handy thing to have)


Laoch of Chicago said...

Do they still hassle you at the border if you have such an integrated license?

My Little Corner said...

They could still hassle me - all it means is that I don't have to carry my passport - which most people (me included) don't carry all the time. It all depends on the border guard. Usually the American border guards don't have much problem letting us in, since most of us drop heaps of money in the US during our visits. The border town probably survives more on Canadians than anyone else. And I think the Canadian guards are often more grumpy because so many people don't declare many of their items - imagine being lied to all day long.... and Canadian dollars and taxes are lost