Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two weeks ago Eco and I walked by a care facility which had some people sitting outside. A woman came over to us and asked to pet Eco  - which she did, and Eco exuberantly accepted all her attention with a wagging tail and attempts to lick her face.

Well it just so happened that we ended up walking by that building again this weekend but this time there were about 20 people all sitting outside - well wouldn't you know it, little Eco scanned the crowd and picked out that lady again who immediately called out "Hi Eco" and then came over to pet her again. Wow, pretty impressive that the woman remembered Eco's name a week later, and pretty impressive that Eco remembered her. Maybe I should reconsider getting her into some service work training - even though she's so very excitable.


I made these two little top hats this past weekend for baby or pet portraits:

One for boys:

and one for girls: 

Maybe even a cute prop for New Year's pictures? 

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