Thursday, October 04, 2012

It's a Bust

Remember when I was rushing to put together my collection for a photographer to pick out her fall photo props? (See this  post) I brought over 17 items and even had a baby to put them on and do a little modelling and there were about 5-7 items that she oohed and aahed  over and I thought things were good. Then she asked if I could leave them with her because her photographer friend was coming over the next day. "Mmm, okay" I said reluctantly thinking I could possibly get more sales. 

Nope. Didn't happen. When I  stopped by on Sunday to pick them up, she handed the bag back to me and only bought the pumpkin hat. It seems her friend must have talked her out of the other ones she liked.

So much for "raining & pouring"


Laoch of Chicago said...

It sounds like she just wanted some time to take pictures of your stuff for free.

My Little Corner said...

You don't miss a beat, do you Loach?! That's what I suspected as well