Thursday, November 08, 2012

I forgot to show you

I forgot to show you that I made this big spider web for Halloween: 

It's about 2' across and took more yarn and time that I thought it would  to make. I have even more respect for all those spiders - how do they produce so much silk from such a tiny little body! And to think they spend a whole day making one just to have the wind, or a big animal, or us blast through it and toss it away. This is no easy task! 

My decorations were down on November 1st -but then spend several days in the car port drying out - I couldn't put them away wet and who knows when it would dry out around here! 

One month of a plain yard and then it's time to start the Christmas decorations! I'd like to put up something big but these inflatable things have noisy fans/motors and I don't want to listen to that all day since the room I work in faces the front and we only have single pane windows so I can hear everything. I tell you, I was regretting putting up my Halloween decorations two weeks early when the wind was whipped the decorations agains the house and I had to endure endless banging and flashes from the spooky "caution tape" as it flapped in the wind. 

What do you put up for outside Christmas decorations? 
Any suggestions? 


Laoch of Chicago said...

I really should make a Christmas wreath this year.

Introverted Art said...

I almost asked if it was a real one!!!!