Saturday, November 03, 2012

Just catchin' up

Remember when I said I was the only one here decorating for Halloween - well, the hubband surprised me on Wednesday by carving a pumpkin. I came into the kitchen and it was all done - how nice. And he left all the supplies out so I could do the other one - I didn't realize how awkward the little pumpkins are - it's hard to get your tools inside and around to thin out the walls, but I didn't worry about it too much.

This is what he did: 

Here's mine, I just freehanded the carving:

And I finished the Sugar Skull embroidery, he just needed some more things in the middle of his face and I finished the outlining - it's white on the outside, with black on the inside on the top of the skull and the opposite on the bottom of the skull.

I'm not sure what's going to become of him, right now he's just folded up in a bag  - maybe a pillow? or on a purse?

Oh and another update - we watched another James Bond movie, last night it was Goldfinger. So now I've watched the first four. This one was good because he's got more toys and gadgets and he's smarter when it comes to getting ambushed by the bad guy. And love Ms. Pussy Galore and OddJob - what characters!

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Laoch of Chicago said...

I think the skull would make a cheerful T shirt.