Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rewinding the Past

Have you ever pieced through an event and realized that you had all the clues all along but just didn't realize it or that things aren't always as they seem?

Case # 1 - There is orange hair on the street. There is an orange cat who lives on the street. The first time I saw it, I assumed that cat had gotten into a fight with another cat or possibly even a coyote, but he was still around so I assumed he survived. Even my neighbours though that "Mr. Trouble" was the source of the hair and worried about him too.

Then yesterday as Eco and I walked up the street,  I saw the orange hair all over a neighbour's yard and on the street. I figured that cat must have gotten into trouble again, BUT, on our return, that neighbour's dog was on the front balcony - and it was then that it all made sense.

They have a big chow like dog who sheds in sheets of fur. That orange hair on their lawn was not a street cat's, but their shedding dog's hair. And it was then that I realized it had been windy earlier in the day and the hair had tumbled around the neighbourhood. No cats were harmed at all.

Case # 2 - Yesterday, I pulled the pillow out of Eco's bed to wash it and saw some bark in her crate. It then occurred to me that she hadn't slept in her bed the last several days. And then I remember Jp telling me that while I was out on Tuesday night Eco had been coughing. That followed a play date earlier that day where she had chewed on a wooden stick with another dog. I then realized that she must have had some wood in her throat or perhaps stomach, which caused her to choke and cough which caused her to vomit in her bed which is why she had been avoiding her bed all week. Unfortunately I didn't realize this until Saturday or I would've washed her bedding Tuesday night.

Not quite ready to call myself Sherlock Holmes just yet? But I'm working on it.

Do you like solving these kinds of things? Want to see more ? Try reading The Science of Deduction


Laoch of Chicago said...

Good wishes to eco.

My Little Corner said...

Oh thanks Loach - she's all okay now

Teena said...

Should we call in Magnum PI?

Kris said...

Hehe, this reminds me of Amelia Peabody and her wonderful skills of deduction. Have you ever read the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters? Wonderful books!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Kris - I think I'll look for those books.