Saturday, February 02, 2013

Valentine Kitty Hat + Ground Hog Day!

I just finished this cute Valentine Kitty hat which fits kids with heads from 19-22 inches:

I did not write this pattern, it came from Knot Your Nanas Crochet, but I think it turned out pretty good. My favourite part of the pattern with the curly-cues on the ear flaps - although Jp wanted to know if the hat was for Hasidic children

Since I now have two styrofoam heads - one adult and one baby, I fashioned a hook out of a coat hanger so I could suspend them by the hole in the bottom and hang them as they were so light they would often topple from where I tried to keep them and I didn't want them to get damaged. You can see that the adult head has a nice bang to her nose (although I kinda chuckle because it's the same place I have a scar on my nose from a fall about 4 years ago). As I hung the head up I realized, I just made the  Owl and the Pussy Cat. Too bad I didn't colour co-ordinate them.

And in other news, EtsyBaby is having a Valentine's promotion - a free shipping event - and I am one of 14 vendors on the list. Fingers crossed it brings some traffic  - and SALES - to my shop.

Today it's finally sunny, so I think I'll be outside re-shooting some of my hat pictures with my new baby head. Thank you sun - it's always nice when you come to visit.

And Happy Groundhog Day -6 more weeks of crafting my friends, so if you feel like crafting - here's two groundhog projects - phone case  and this cute stuffy


Laoch of Chicago said...

Snowy and cold here!

Kris said...

I love the curly-cues! This is so cute!

Teena said...

That's just tooooo cute!