Thursday, March 21, 2013

Must Have That - Busines Update

Twice this week I've had an item from my Etsy shop featured in an Etsy Treasury - the first one called: The Next Generation where my pea green striped hat is featured and another called The Playful Gallery which includes my little Turtle Booties.

Etsy defines a treasury as:  an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery comprised of lists of items.These lists contain 16 items. Members can create a themed collection or feature their favorite items from all over Etsy.

If the seller is popular they can help generate traffic to your store, which will hopefully lead to sales. Being featured is like a recommendation from a friend and is definitely welcome exposure. Treasuries are not for self-promotion so you should feature other people's work. In a sea of products and shops it helps when your items are brought to the front. 
I've also had some requests from ladies in my dance class, including one who bought a pair of wrist warmers right off my hands! 
All these requests are a good thing to keep my mind off our chilly spring - including a nasty hail storm yesterday. Luckily only the crocus and the snow drops were in flower at the moment as the daffodils and tulips only have about 6" leaves at the moment. I would like it to get warmer since I've been quite cold the last couple of days. Odd how I was warmer in -16 degree C weather during my trip last week than I am here with +8 degree C weather. Like everyone says I guess it's our dampness that makes the biggest difference. 
What does spring look like where you live? 


Little Treasures said...

Congrats on being featured!
Isn't the feeling grand?

Kris said...

Well done!