Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Nothing's Fair

Boy we sure have a mixed up world!

Story # 1 - Today on the radio they were talking about a lady that had to go to the bathroom really badly and used a restroom in a restaurant in Tennessee. There was a sign on the wall that said that the restroom was for paying customers or pay $5 to use. However after she used the facilities, she walked out. Someone tried to stop her and told her she needed to pay $5, she apparently shrugged it off and left. Then apparently a sheriff was given her licence plate number and tracked her down to give her a bill for $5.

Story # 2 - Jp and I were at the mall on Labour Day weekend, when we returned to our car a crappy POS was parked beside us and it was so close I couldn't really open the door. I was waiting for him to back out so I could get in but Jp thought I was having trouble opening the door so he reached across the car from the inside to open it, and gave a little push; I tried to catch the opening door but it ended up touching the car beside us. A month later we get a call from the insurance company telling us to come in. Some old guy sitting in a shop reported our licence plate to the insurance agency, telling them it was a 'hit and run'. The girl who owned the car was given our licence plate number. The insurance company determined that we had chip of paint missing from the edge of our door that exactly matched a mark on another car and we owed $900 for her the repair of her door. Six months went by without a word from anyone so we assumed the POS car owner had decided not to bother fixing the minuscule door ding. NOPE. A letter arrived in the mail yesterday telling us that we owed for the repair and we'd receive another letter with the final cost. Are you kidding me???

We have murderers that get through trial without a jail term and chronic drug offenders hurting people or stealing property but we're going to use a sheriff to track down someone to pay $5 to pee, or put several hours of labour chasing down the tiniest door ding? I tell you the next time I see some mom unloading her car full of kids who lets her door hit mine (and it's happened a lot over the years) you bet I'm going to call it in to the insurance company.


Laoch of Chicago said...

The world grows older but not better.

My Little Corner said...

Well said! Sad, but true.