Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Spud Shack

Well based on a great review by food writer Sherman Chan on his blog, Sherman's Food Adventures, Jp took us to the Spud Shack in New Westminster yesterday. It was a surprise to the kid and I and as Jp drove we kept trying to figure out where we were going. Just when I thought I knew, he's pass the exit or turn off. And then when he parked at the River Market at the New Westminster Quay, I thought I knew and then when we started walking up the hill, I thought it was the Old Spaghetti Factory and then when he neared the skytrain station I thought we were going to board it and go for a ride. All guesses were wrong, and they couldn't be right since we went to a place I'd never heard of. And boy was it worth it, the batter on the fish was crispy - I can't remember the last time I've had crispy batter on fish (maybe never?) and yummy belgian french fries and delicious fresh made tartar sauce. It was all very good.

On our way out we ran into the owner/chef and had the opportunity to let him know how far we came for his food and how much we liked it. He seemed pleased to hear the good reviews and knowing that his efforts of hand cut fries and fresh daily tartar are appreciated - no restaurant supply house fries or sauces here!

And to top it off, we are having the most wonderful Spring weather. I can't remember a spring that was so fabulous with warmth and sunshine - it's weather like this that people fall in love with the Vancouver area, and then like a gambler who once made it big, they wait year after year for that once fabulous weather to return. This year it did not disappoint!

Today I will be cooking our Easter Turkey along with some nugget potatoes and brussels sprouts. The loaf of no-knead rustic sourdough will be in the oven in a couple of hours and the green jello with pineapple, cottage cheese and whipped cream was made last night so I can unmould it at the dinner table to reveal a surprise shape on the top of it. Happy Eating for us, and Happy Easter to you.

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