Monday, April 08, 2013

Nothing to show for it

How is it that the work days seem so long and the weekends are so short? I guess that's the plight of many workers, isn't it?

This weekend I made some yummy turkey soup stock from our Easter turkey bones and then turned it into soup with onions, carrots, peas and noodles. It was very good - although JP likes to spice it up.

I am working with a self-patterning yarn which was love at first sight. I had other plans for it but the pattern on the label was for some baby legwarmers and so I decided I'd make them. The first one turned out great - but the love affair ended when I tried to make a matching set. Even though I'm an even knitter and tried to start the yarn in the same place of the pattern the second leg warmer came out quite differently. I then spent much of Saturday starting the piece trying to get a matching pair - 5 attempts and still nothing matched. I decided the yarn is best for a single piece and so now I'm working on a hat. In the mean time I have nothing to show for all that work - it's all been frogged. (Frogged is the knitting term for unraveling your piece because you pull on the yarn and "rip it, rip it")

I really prefer to having something to show for my time and wish I had something to share - but I don't. Well not yet. I do have some photos but I need to do them properly so I guess you'll just have to come back later and see what I can share with you then!

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Laoch of Chicago said...

"I really prefer to having something to show for my time," is a pretty hard standard to live up to.