Sunday, April 21, 2013

Projects - one done, one to go

I finished my mom's shawl/wrap and it couldn't have come at a better time since she fell and broke her left arm and cracked her wrist on the right arm - now she's having difficulty getting her arms into coat sleeves so perhaps just pulling a wrap around her shoulders will help her while we still have some chilly spring days. Here's the finished piece :

I've also been working on this Marie Antoinette doll. I don't normally make toys but I fell in love with the curls and so I had to make it. Ravelry is a site where knitters can log in their projects as well as record what yarns they are using and what patterns they are doing. This is helpful because you can see all the different projects make with a certain yarns or how other people interpreted patterns. I don't like to be negative but if I had've seen how other people were making this pattern before I started, I probably would never have made this pattern, here's an example:

It's nice to see their interpretations, but I intend to follow the pattern as closely as I can. This is what I have so far: 
Her hair curls and bottom skirt still need to be sewn in place, 
plus an outer skirt, arms, leg and face are needed

Soon I will get off the computer and pick up the needles again. It's a cold and rainy day so no need for gardening yet, and I did all my housework yesterday. What are you doing today? 

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Laoch of Chicago said...

"Let them eat cake!"

Nice looking project.