Thursday, May 16, 2013

Garden of Lies

This is a long weekend in Canada, and a quick check of the major cities shows that almost all of us will have 2 dry days and 1 rainy one. That's not so bad - it's May and we are above the 49th parallel after all.

For me, this weekend is usually about some big gardening - a long self written "honey do" list. Or sometimes I have no plans at all, I just put on my overalls and garden gloves and get out there - moving from place to place starting and finishing projects in no particular order. It all needs to get done.

From a distance or to the untrained eye, my flower beds look full and possibly even cheerful with little yellow flowers in bloom, but it's a trick. You see in some of the gardens the little yellow flowers are intentionally placed ranunculus or maybe even little poppies (see previous posts), but in other spots they are most likely buttercup, and possibly even a dandelion or two. Oh the horror. I'm cheating in my garden. And I fooled you. How dare I?

And there are other indications that a long weekend is approaching  - more and more trailers and fifth wheels start showing up in the neighbourhood as people retrieve them from winter storage, and get them packed ready for a quick get away. These RVs don't make me envious or even jealous. They make me happy. You see, the more neighbours that leave town for the long weekend, the quieter it is around here for me - and that can be a vacation in itself. And I am perfectly fine with that!

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Teena in Toronto said...

We had three days of sunshine :)

I don't think I'm getting any plants this year.