Friday, June 28, 2013

Gorgeous Long Weekend Ahead

When I checked the weather at the beginning of this rainy week, the forecast indicated we'd be stuck with wetness for several days. We endured days of weird weather - bits of sun, light rain, heavy rain, thunder, sun, mugginess  - sometimes all within the same hour. But late Thursday night I found out that glorious weather has been forecast for this long weekend (Happy Canada Day) - sun with top temperatures between 25-30 celsius. That's a good temperature to be in, not like the 36+ degree weather in places like Phoenix or San Antonio and so I am over the moon to hear about this wonderful forecast.

I thought I'd be spending the weekend in the house, maybe cleaning up my office/work room - but now I plan to be outside - clean up the garden, do some painting and maybe just kick back and relax as it is a long weekend after all.

This morning's 5:30 dog walk was heavenly - the weather was perfect - 18 degrees, a warm wind so early in the day?  I didn't want to come home. In fact I almost didn't, instead of being out for 30 minutes, it ended up being 45. So very grateful for this lovely, lovely weather.

Now off to work -for a productive day with minimal interruptions since so many people take the Friday of a long weekend off as well - and then time to enjoy the weather. I don't even care if there are mosquitoes, I'll put up with them so I can enjoy the warmth and sunshine! Happy Weekend to you too!

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Teena said...

Enjoy your long weekend!