Monday, July 29, 2013

Birthdays, I has them

Last week was my birthday and I thought it would be helpful to provide Jp with a list of the things I want since I often keep it to myself. One  of the items was a helium balloon bouquet which I thought would be fun and cheerful. Unfortunately he had a super busy day prior to my birthday and couldn't get them. Next up was a gift idea. I wanted a patio heater. He felt that the 7' tall version was too big and too hard to store so he purchased the table top heat. Fortunately we were advised from someone that owned one that they went through the little propane tanks nightly - something I had no interest in doing especially since I am usually the only one sitting outside, so I asked him to return it. Which he did.

But now, technically I didn't receive a birthday present. I'm an adult so it's okay, right? I had a good day, so a gift isn't really all that important - is it?

I see birthday people in two categories - the receivers and the takers. Some people are lucky enough to have those around them give them everything for their birthday - they receive a cake, a party, gifts, flowers etc. And then there are those that don't care to wait for others and create their own birthday, invite people, make an event, buy their own cake/cupcakes. They also often buy themselves their own birthday presents.

I seem to be a receiver in a taker world and therefore I am often left without anything. Should I change? Does it matter? Are we supposed to care about our birthdays when we're older? What do you do? What category do you fit into? As you can see, I'm very confused by the whole thing.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Happy birthday.

I think the proper way to view things is to probably insist that people treat you in a special fashion each and every day. Life is short and being special only one day per annum seems insufficient.

My Little Corner said...

Thank you Loach. Oh goodness - you're so correct but I don't think I have the energy to insist my wishes upon others but you are absolutely correct.

Little Treasures said...

Happy Birthday!

Mine is today :)
And I already received a couple of presents - my family loves giving b-day presents prematurely - usually a couple of days earlier which quite understandably takes the celebrator by surprise :)

Although an adult, I still get and give presents. Our family will never give up on that tradition.