Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Canada Day Weekend

We had the most amazing weather this Canada Day long weekend - up to 34 degrees, it was wonderful. I did yard work and gardening on Saturday  but took it easy on Sunday. Yesterday I was going to get stuff done but then decided to be lazy and didn't do a dang thing. We did head out to a local park where Canada Day festivities were going on - but it was quite warm by then so we didn't stay long.

They had a dog even showing Flyball and Agility but it really bothered me to see the dogs performing in such heat. Long ago I made a rule that I didn't walk my dogs over 18 degrees. I just found they were too hot being active above that temperature and even over this warm weekend, Eco spent most of her time outside with me each day this weekend but I would take her  inside every couple of hours for about a 1/2 hour air conditioning break of which she'd become a chocolate puddle on the cool floor.

Since our AC is not part of a central cooling system we don't leave it running when we're not home, nor do we leave any fans on so while we were out of the house, it would be heating up as well. That was another reason we didn't stay out too long.

I'm so glad I don't live in a hot apartment anymore. When I did I would have to escape to someone's house or yard. How are you coping with the heat (since it seems almost all of us are having hot, hot, hot weather)? I know if I lived in an apartment today, I'd be getting one of those window AC units to cool things down.

To be patriotic, I did spend time reading the book Canukology - which is written by two people from a major market research company - interesting to see how much we are all alike across the nation and how different we are too (the same for our relationship with or southern neighbours)  - the book tag line is: Filled with hilarious insights from every province and territory, as well as from people of every age, gender and economic standing -- and peppered with fun factoids and quizzes -- Canuckology is compulsive, must-have reading for any Canadian.

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Teena said...

It was sunny and kind of cool here over the weekend ... loved it!