Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Still working on the pile

After that fallen pile from my office the other day, I sorted out all my yarn by gauge and have newly arranged my bookshelves. This has left me with several 'random' boxes of stuff which I am still working through them.

Sometimes I find it overwhelming.
Sometimes I just want to bury myself in internet happenings.
Sometimes I just want to pile it back and deal with it later.
Sometimes I just want to walk away and not even think about it.
Sometimes I get on the computer and write something...

But so far I am still putting in good time and steadily working on it.
I just try to pick up one thing at a time and do something with it. Because my room is full enough, I've found myself better able to discard things because I have nowhere else to put them. I don't want it to be like it was and this is a good thing. I'm finding that I'm actually able to get rid of a lot of things. Most of it was paper (including magazines) so I have been able to recycle much of it. I'd actually be very unhappy if lots of stuff went to the garbage because that would mean that I was housing trash. I do not want to do that. Most of what I've come across were just old files or receipts or other random paper often kept so I could 'read later'. Some I may have read but wanted to read again.

The problem bothers me, but I am trying to just stay with the task at hand comforted by the fact that I am not alone. Many of us in North America battle the invasion of paper. For someone with a problem like mine, I can say that I am glad I only have digital magazines and newspapers now as it reduces my temptation to keep articles or 'images of inspiration'.

I have other goals I'd like to work on and so I would like to wrap this task up as soon as possible. Besides I have all this cool stuff I forgot I had that I want to get reunited with!


Laoch of Chicago said...

Ah, I can help. Buy a scanner and scan all paperwork and throw away originals. Amazing difference.

My Little Corner said...

Good idea! Thank you!