Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The hot topic on yesterday's news was that the most expensive place in NORTH AMERICA to buy guys was a suburb of Vancouver called Delta. Ouch that's pretty hard to take. The price at the time was about $1.43/litre. A litre is approximately 1/4 of a US gallon. Unreal isn't it?

They tease us by saying the price is expected to come down in September after the 'heavy driving season' and that the reason for the gas is all the taxes - well they have to pay for all those fancy highways and Olympic buildings they created for 2010 don't they? . Those interviewed on the news tell us if we want gas prices to come down we need to put pressure on the politicians.

It's already long been said that Vancouver is the most (or one of the most - depending on your source) expensive places in the North American to live. Not Los Angeles or Manhattan or somewhere else but little ol' Vancouver in lil ol' Canada. (NOTE: I have since corrected this as there are many very expensive cities in Europe and other parts of the world, sorry about that) 

I know if I lived somewhere else I wouldn't move here, but I was raised here and leaving home can be hard, especially in Canada where we don't seem to move around as much as other countries/cultures.

Many people don't want to rally in politics so they'll either stay close to home, find alternate ways to move around - like bicycles or change to a new technology like electric cars. We often don't solve a problem we just create a new solution don't you think?


Laoch of Chicago said...

I have a friend who runs a hedge fund and as such has huge gobs of money and can live most anywhere he wants and run his business from there. He has lived in London, New York City, Sydney, San Francisco and Pairs just during the last decade. He says by far the most expensive place he has ever lived was Moscow.

My Little Corner said...

Sorry you're correct Laoch - Vancouver is the most expensive in North America, not the world. And Moscow is definitely up there! Wow. I guess I can stop complaining now