Thursday, August 22, 2013


So the other day I saw this picture:

And I immediately thought of my friend Susanne who rides her bike everywhere she goes (she doesn't have a driver's licence). She spends a lot of time on it visiting her elderly mother in the hospital and going to work everyday. I thought it would be fun for her as she's a very "rainbows and unicorns" kinda gal.

I have never seen her bike in person so I asked her to send me a photo and then I set about creating something for her. I changed the bunting to stars as she's a very celestial being.

Here's her newly decorated  bike basket - do you think it's fun? 
I used synthetic yarns so they can stay on in the rain too. Why not? That's the day when you need the most fun and colour - riding in the rain is never fun is it?

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