Friday, August 30, 2013

Lineman Bag

This is really cool. Jp and the kid recently took a trip to Portland and found this bag for me in their travels:

It's extra cool for me as my dad was a lineman for the railway in his late teens/early twenties. When we were kids, every now and again he'd bust out his spurs and climb a tree or pole - either to show us his skills or to do some major tree trimming. You'd think our dad walked on water - we were all in awe at how fast and easily he could shimmy up and down. In fact I remember one time when a neighbour watched him for a bit and wanted to try. My dad suited him up and up he went. He only got about 10' up before he was quivering and came back down. I guess my dad made it look pretty easy.

I bet if my mom saw this bag she'd want one too. Check out this catalog for other products.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Nice looking bag.

My Little Corner said...

Thanks I really like it too. Don't know what I should use it for just yet though

the mom said...

I'm the mom and I do want one of those. Care to go back and get me one too JP?