Thursday, August 08, 2013

Nasty Raccoon

It was a beautiful sunny, warm day and so I decide to take a break from work and eat my lunch outside. Soon I hear the sound of claws on bark and look up to see a raccoon in a tree, I talk to him and he starts coming down the tree closer to me. At first I'm hoping for a quaint magical moment but then I'm get a little concerned as he gets closer and I wait to see what he's planning on doing.

He sits and wags his tail (I've never seen a raccoon do that before) and licks his lips. I thought maybe he was hungry or thristy. He continues his descent until he's in a branch about 20' above me, and then - he turns around and poops! Yes he did. From the tree branch. Twenty feet from the ground.  Then he turned around again and as he's looking me in the eye he pees a steady stream down the tree and onto the ground below. Nasty!

I guess that was the latrine branch or something because after that he climbed back up the tree and travelled from one tree to the next until he was out of site.

Sometimes nature is not all unicorns and rainbows, is it?


Laoch of Chicago said...


I thought you might find this interesting -

My Little Corner said...

Wow - thanks for sharing that link. It's quite fascinating. Yes knitting is not just string and sticks, there is often a whole bunch of math to do - especially when you're creating something to fit to a 3 dimensional object!

My Little Corner said...
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