Monday, September 09, 2013


Since it was early morning I was on high alert for bears and so during my early morning walk with Eco I was scanning the area listening and looking for early signs of any predators when suddenly my attention was called to Eco who looked like she ate a bad bug. She shook her head and seemed to scrape her tongue on her teeth and then produced a foamy 'moustache' as she tried to rid her mouth of the taste. I decided to turn back to home in case she had some reaction as I had no idea what had gotten into her mouth but by the time we were home she seemed fine.

However, later that day Eco was sick and she was sick and she was sick And then she was sick for another 36 hours. After the first 24 hours I was was sure she was over it and I fed her normal dinner but she was sick again, so the next morning I thought I'd better skip her meal. I know if I was that sick I wouldn't want to eat breakfast. However for a dog - and food loving Labrador at that - skipping a meal is serious business. Eco did her best to communicate to me that I had forgotten to feed her. She sat next to her bowl and waited. She sat between me and the bowl and would look and me and look at her bowl and probably wondered how I could suddenly be so stupid and miss all the hints she was giving me. Every time I entered the kitchen she did her best to draw attention to her and her bowl. I felt really bad and wished there was some way I could communicate to her that this was best for her. Around mid morning I decided I'd give her a couple tablespoons of chicken broth and some cooked rice. And then a little more a couple of hours later as I waited for our chance to see the veterinarian. Luckily she held that in.

When we got to our vet appointment, I gave a full accounting of the past two days of events and the vet  examined her thoroughly and decided that because she wasn't vomiting or exhibiting any other signs of illness and Eco hadn't had access to any puddles (for Giardia) we'd assume she had a case of gastroenteritis and gave her some antibiotics and some probiotics to help her tummy recover. Which she did and all is well.

But I have to say that that little dog deserves an award for Best Actress as she did all that she could to remind me that I hadn't fed her. I only wish I could've communicated back to her why I couldn't give her food.


Rick Watson said...

It's a good thing she didn't rat you out to the vet :)

Laoch of Chicago said...

Sending good wishes to the canine.