Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This is a really big deal

For years I've been a customer and followed the path of Jenny Hart and Sublime - an impressive women who has made a career and business out of hand stitched embroidery. She not only sells patterns and the tools but she also has her own branded embroidery floss (what you stitch with) and multiple books over the years. She's also been a speaker on TedTalks as well as multiple TV shows.

Now she's just announced that Restoration Hardware will be carrying one of her kits this Christmas. This is HUGE! This is big for most companies but for a small one practically run out of Jenny's house with a small staff and in the craft market - HUGE I say.

Her story is inspirational and after being a customer and following her for years, I'm very proud of someone who almost feels like a friend! Congratulations Jenny!

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