Friday, December 06, 2013

Drunken Office Christmas Parties

Some people were talking about their upcoming office Christmas party, they were discussing how they weren't going to get drunk or crazy because last year someone posted a photo of them on Facebook after they had fallen down at the office party. Their solution - we should have a 'no phone' Christmas party! They felt if everyone checked their phones at the door along with their coats then everyone at the party could relax and party "like they did in the 80's".

I find it interesting that the fear of an embarrassing photo is more motivation than a whole bunch of other things - morals, good judgement, to name a few. I never understood why people went so crazy at these things anyway - just because it's 'free booze'? To me, they are co-workers and I'm still at work, so my work self will be at the function. I'm not going to get all drunk and confess my true opinions on the boss or his/her spouse.

I guess some people feel hard done by their employer and want to get the most out of them. At one work lunch my boss at them time told me that I should order the salad, most expensive entree and dessert because the company was paying. I just wanted the chicken, I didn't need the lobster. He ordered as much as he could.

Is your motivation not to get drunk at a work function based on 
a fear of a bad photo, or something else? 


Andree Tracey said...

It's been a while since I visited your blog - it looks so pretty and festive! I'm afraid I can't contribute an opinion about drinking at work functions since I work alone in my home! If I wanted, I could drink all day long and nobody would ever take my picture! My motivation to not drink at work is I'd never get anything done!

Way Out Wear said...

Andree, me too- I work from home and haven't been to an office Christmas party for over 15 years!!! And I agree, drinking slows me down.

Thanks for the comments on my Christmas decorations on my blog-that's a big compliment coming from such a great designer as you!!!

Laoch of Chicago said...

wow, I think a lot of the "pining for the old days" is really a pining for something that did not much exist. I started working as lawyer in the late 1980s and went to a lot of Christmas parties at form's I worked for and at client's places. There was never the bacchanalia there was often reported later, sadly.

Way Out Wear said...

Hi Laoch - yes I agree, that's very true.