Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Feline Bullies

My dog doesn't really know what to do with cats. 50% of them run and 50% of them freeze. Of those that don't run, their deep growl is rather scary so she usually gives a frustrated bark and then runs away. A couple of times cats have wacked her - including that one who stalked Eco and spanked her! 

For little 10-15 pound beings they sure can have control! Watch this compilation:

Do you have a bully cat? 


Anonymous said...

I think that is sad. The owners failed to provide safe passage for the gentle dogs. How many of those clips did the cat swipe the dog after it passed? Dirty. The dog was torn between listening to the human and what he knew would not go well.



Laoch of Chicago said...

When I was a boy we had elk-hounds and huskies who basically ate cats and squirrels and other small animals.

Generally though, cats are much fiercer than an equivalent sized dog. They are better hunters and designed to hunt alone rather than in packs. They are essentially little killing machines.

Way Out Wear said...

DEB - I agree, the owners should really try to stop the bullying - no matter what the species. If they are all going to live together in the same house, they have to get a long. (I know it's not always easy to train a cat, right?)

Laoch - I would not have wanted to see my dogs that way if I was a little kid - was it a fact of life, or did it bother you? I agree, pound for pound cats are much more skilled at survival; dogs are often big saps that rely on us, which is part of their charm I think