Saturday, December 14, 2013

I've Made a Huge Mistake

Well all the furniture has been moved and the computer + accessories reconnecting went fine. But even though things are being culled it still doesn't look like everything's going back in. I had to quit around 7pm last night as all parts of my body were achy. I tried to go without pain medication but around 2am I just couldn't sleep and had to take a Tylenol PM.

I am achy today and really wish I could take the day off but since 1/2 the living room is still consumed by my shit I will have to plug away today.

Notice that I went from 'possessions' to 'stuff' to 'shit' as I start disliking the things in boxes? What are they you ask? Well I have labeled myself a 'crafter' and have convinced myself that I need paintbrushes and paint and fabric and yarn and paper and buttons and ribbon etc to make things. Today I am not in a creative mood and 1/2 of me wants to quit. Who wants to read a negative blog post right? I know, I get it  - and I apologize.

I recognize that once things get moved back in as best as possible and I continue to dedicate time to declutter and process these things - maybe I'll feel inspired to make things again and all will be good.

Have you every redecorated and felt you had made 
a huge mistake about 1/2 way through it? 


For those Arrested Development fans, I feel like this: 


Laoch of Chicago said...

The older I get the more I am convinced that de-cluttering is crucial

Rick Watson said...

I feel your pain girlfren :) I snorted coffee up my nose reading this.

Way Out Wear said...

Thank you Laoch and Rick! Yes decluttering is definitely crucial as time passes - it wasn't long ago that everything I had (except my car) fit in my little 500 square foot apartment). I got a lot of cleaning up to do!!

Rick - I hope your nasal passages didn't get burnt!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I'm am currently purging (okay, ATTEMPTING to purge) my craft hoard. I love having stuff around so that when the girls at church/work/whomever needs supplies, I've got stuff I can donate, but then I feel paralyzed to ever throw anything out in case someone could use it. Today I passed off a bunch of punches/stamps/paper/ribbon scraps to my friend's 10 year old who loves to "create", and not only was she over the moon with her new stash of possibilities, *I* was thrilled to free up some space and clear out the crap. I feel 10 pounds lighter. Now I'm looking around for more stuff I can do's addicting :)