Thursday, January 09, 2014

Cold - Heat - Gas

Sheesh. My plans for a productive new year is not going so well on account of the weather. See one thing about me - I HATE BEING COLD - cold takes up all my energy and makes me grumpy. Now I admit that we haven't had weather as cold as in many parts of Canada or the United States but it's been cold enough here and unfortunately our house isn't built for the cold. It has single pane windows and no furnace. There are electric baseboard heaters but they are all mounted on walls with windows so basically your expensive heat just goes up the wall and out the window. And, over time, only a couple of them work or furniture had to be placed in front it as is the case in the kitchen.

We rely on a gas fireplace to provide us with the majority of warmth in the winter and supplement it with an electric oil space heater in the bedroom (that's about as efficient as we can get). But the other day I kept smelling gas and was concerned we had a leak. We turned the fireplace off and waiting 2 days for a repairman to inspect it. He finally arrived yesterday and said we didn't have a leak per se but the fireplace was very old and should be replaced as it wasn't burning all the gas,  only the middle portion of the burner was consumed by flame and the remaining portion was being released - which is what I could smell. He said it wasn't a risk to us but we should get a new fireplace. The only way to avoid this would be to turn it off or to have it on high.

Depending on the outside temperature that means that our living room is anywhere between 14 and 16 degrees C in the morning (recommended room temperature is 19 degrees C, while most people live with their furnaces set at 21).

Which brings me back to the beginning of today's story as I struggle to find a way to take a chill off my body so I can get things done otherwise I risk climbing into bed under the covers and watching TV (although there's already someone else doing that).

See? Cold. Grumpy. Aren't you glad you're my friend?


Laoch of Chicago said...

It really is hard to be productive when you are shivering!

Andree Tracey said...

I hate being cold, so your story just makes me shiver while reading it! You have my sympathies for sure!