Friday, January 17, 2014

Crochet Mudkip -finished project

I was in the middle of crocheting a reindeer for a Christmas decoration when the kid asked me if I could make him a Mudkip. First I told him after the reindeer but since he's only here for the weekend I put down my project and started on his.

This is  Mudkip from the Pokemon game:

This is what I made (yes only the head, I ran out of wool) :

Since it was short notice, I pulled wool from my stash - the kid has no idea that he has butter soft Italian wool - it's actually too nice of a yarn for something that'll dangle from his backpack but the colours were right. The head is about 4" across. I did not create it from scratch - I did use a pattern, why reinvent the wheel right?

I have had the buttons for years, always wondered what I could do with them - they seem to be perfect for this project. Again, a detail lost on a kid but that wasn't the point, was it? I'm pretty pleased with this one.

And by the way  - I still have't finished that reindeer....