Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fox Stole - Part II

Remember when I posted a teaser the other day of my fox 'stole'?? Well, here's the finished scarf, it's over 50" long and all made with wool so it's very warm.

I am very happy with it. I think I should keep it, Jp thinks I should put it up for sale  - but it has over $40 in wool alone, not even counting my time to make it - one general rule is to double your materials, would someone pay $80 for this scarf?


Andree Tracey said...

Very cute! You certainly won't alarm the Peta group with this darling stole!

Way Out Wear said...

Hi Andree - it's funny, I did think of that while I was making it! I sure hope no one throws paint on me!