Monday, January 20, 2014

Fox Stole

You were wondering why I hadn't been posting on my blog? That's because I was making things!!!

Here's another project, my fox stole:

This is a crocheted scarf that includes 4 black legs and a white tipped tail. I have already crocheted 48" of his body, and I just need to sew in his legs and then finish the tail. It's crocheted as a 'tube' so it's nice and thick and any sewing is concealed inside - which is why the pattern maker has us complete all the sewing before we finish. I'd better hurry or the fox craze will be gone and winter is over!

This is made from Peruvian Highland Wool so I think it will wear well and will keep me warm. What do you think of it so far?


Kris said...

Ack! I love this! So cute!

Way Out Wear said...

Wait to you see the finished piece tomorrow!