Saturday, March 08, 2014

Rainy Saturday Afternoon

It's been such a long cold winter for many, that I know some are envious of our rain. Some say it beats having to shovel snow, but in the snow you don't get as wet. One dog walk -even with a long raincoat- and I have to hang my rain coat, rain hat and jeans up to dry. So here I am in my Pjs just chillin.

For a change of pace I decided to pull out my needle felting supplies and see what. I came up with. Needle felting is when you take a barbed needled and poke it into wool roving (carded but unspun wool) until it "locks" together forming one solid, compact object.

Today I decide I would make a standing rabbit:


Laoch of Chicago said...

My dogs used to hate the rain. I would almost have to pick them up and carry them outside to get them to go when it was rainy.

Way Out Wear said...

did you have African Basenji's? I hear they really don't like the rain.

Yes it's a good thing I have a Labrador, they seem to be completely oblivious to weather - which is a good thing in Canada!