Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Great Marshmallow Caper

It's sort of becoming a 'tradition' that every other Sunday I bake cupcakes, partly so I can share some with my fellow dance sisters who seem to really enjoy my baking and the sugar rush - this weekend was baking weekend.

Also, we recently took a trip across the border to Mt Vernon Washington for some shopping  - I'm sorry Canada, we had to do it  - there is a much better variety of food in the US and some prices are 1/2 of what ours are.

So this morning I get up to make cupcakes planning on using some Blue Raspberry Marshmallows (which are not available in Canada) for  the frosting when I find a hole in the bag. Darn it! Did we buy a bag that someone opened in the store? I'm mad at myself because Jp and I are usually pretty good at checking bags and expiry dates and the like, but okay I guess we missed this bag. So I take the bag of Toasted Coconut Marshmallows out of the cupboard - and yup - there's a hole in the bag. Then I check my last cherished bag of American marshmallows - Pink Lemonade and - yup - the same sized hole. I am livid. I now know the answer to the marshmallow mystery!

My (now) sleeping step-son has a habit of night eating. So I take the bags to Jp and vent about this - I need the kid to fess up and admit he ate them, otherwise they are contaminated by someone else and have to go in the garbage. At least he is old enough to know that he needed to tell the truth, and admits he opened them and out of of them last night.

I'm still kinda buzzing with unkind thoughts that I go out and join a meditation session where all is reset to zero.

I them proceeded to make Blue Raspberry Marshmallow frosting - and here's my cupcakes:

I know. My mom always told me that blue food was unappetizing. I'm hoping the dim light of the dance studio, they'll look more green, and the marshmallows on the top look more like shamrocks. Otherwise, at least they'll taste good, even if they're not so St Patrick's Day-ish. 

And that's my fun caper for the weekend!


Laoch of Chicago said...

I fear that these might not be healthy, but I want one nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Gorgeous. I don't believe in blanket bans on colours. Brown as an apple is not appealing. As a roast, yum.

Very nice looking cupcakes. Looks like you have the icing down pat.