Friday, April 11, 2014

Yarn Bombed

For years I've heard of,  and seen photos of, yarn bombing - sometimes in some very famous places, such as these:

And sometimes whole groups have put them together and you hear about a type of 'flash mob' descending upon a location to decorate a public place or space. A couple of times over the years, my sweet brother has clipped a photo from a newspaper and mailed it to me, showing me another inspiring knitting or crocheting story especially about yarn bombing and as a knitter and crocheter myself I've always enjoyed seeing them - mainly because they are usually so very colourful. Just google "yarn bombing" and see all the images that come up.

So then you can imagine my surprise that I came down a side street in my residential neighbourhood, in a little suburb outside of Vancouver to discover this walkway fence had been yarnbombed with multi-coloured hearts! So neatly done, in three little rows :

I love it - SQUEE! Isn't it fun?

            well I thought it was.

(ha! I didn't realize that Eco was in this photo too--she's probably 
wondering why I was standing there facing that fence) 


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