Friday, May 23, 2014


The other day there was a terrible racket and so I went into the backyard to see what it was - there I could see two men on hoists cutting down a tree. I know this may sound crazy to you -but cutting and chipping trees really affects my body. It seems to violate ever cell in my body. There is no escaping the sound and it vibrates through my whole being. I don't think we need to cut down many of the trees we do - once again it's humans destroying the planet because something's an inconvenience.

It was a very large tree and the cutting went on all day. I ended up leaving to get a hair cut and then went for a ride-along with JP a short time later. I just couldn't bear to hear the cutting all day long.

I'm very sad to see this big tree go. Look how big the stump was!!! 

To give you some perspective: 


Laoch of Chicago said...

At least a nice dog sitting spot was created.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. It is sad when a tree goes for no reason.

Have you any guesses as to why? Was it sick? A risk of losing branches or splitting? Or, how would it have been inconvenient for the owners?

BTW, always great photos. like this time, adding Eco is both cute and informative (scale). Well done.



Way Out Wear said...

Nope, I don't believe it was sick. I just think many people panic when trees get too tall and think it'll take out their house if it falls. My neighbour is constantly commenting that I should top my trees. Also, the trees have gotten very big in our neighbourhood and many houses are shadowed - I suspect many people don't like having their whole property shaded by large trees all day long. Some yards are very dark and almost gloomy.
Also, judging by the crew that spent the day taking out the tree, I suspect the home owner didn't pay for the removal themselves - I think that maybe Hydro or the city may have partially paid for the removal to protect and preserve the power and phone lines

Thanks for your nice comments regarding my photos - just quick snaps with my phone.