Sunday, June 08, 2014

Wash Day Blues

Sometimes improvement on old things are good, but sometime they are not. For example, I went from having a top loading washer with an agitator to a front loading machine. Sure more water is saved, sure it is more gentle on clothes, but sometime the clothes seem barely wet at all and i wonder if it forgot to use water at all.

But my biggest peeve has to do with pillows. Eco has a couple of pillows to sleep on and being a labrador they must be washed regularly. And everything goes along just swimmingly until one day I open the washer door and the whole load of pillows and towels is soaking wet. With the old machine I could just move the dial ahead to the spin cycle and finish it off - but no -not these machines. You get to start them, select the speed and temperature and that's it.

So I ran the soaking wet and heavy towels through the was 4 times  yesterday trying to get the final spin cycle to take out all the water. And now that everything was soaking wet and heavy and it to go through the 'heavy/bulky' cycle. Forty-five minutes later I still have heavy soaking wet towels. I ended up taking a basket outside last night and wrung out all the towels by hand. I hoped the pillows would drip enough out of them overnight so I had left them on lawn furniture outside.

Nope again! I had to hand wring all the towels and walked all over the pillow trying to get out the extra water. Now they are clunking away in the dryer - I'm probably going to end up burning it out or something, but what choice do I have ?

If you have a hand solution please let me know!

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