Sunday, July 13, 2014

On Level Ground

Saturday morning - time to work in the garden. The task: level patio stones.

 Jp was at work so I went down to building supply store and bought 2 bags of sand to level out the patio stones. Each bag weighs 25kg (that's about 55 pounds). So not only do I have to carry from the car but all the way around the back of the house to the garden. Then I have to find a way to lift the stones that have been in place for about 12 years. That was no easy task let me tell you.

Anyway I get about 4 stones level and I'm out of sand. Crud. My first thought it to leave until Sunday but I hate leaving things unfinished so I changed my clothes and went back down to the building supply again. This time I buy 4 bags because I don't want to run out again. That's 330 pounds I had to carry and haul around, plus move all those stones - no wonder my arms are tired today.

Here's a quick peak at the re-working of my patio:

At least now I can sit on the chairs and not have to worry about spilling my coffee on the wobbly table. The next step is to rebuild the wall supports which have rotted away and are being pulled apart by the wisteria and grape vines.

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